Safe Water for Whistler, Pemberton & Squamish: Backflow Prevention Testing

Whether you’re in Whistler, Pemberton, or Squamish, backflow prevention testing is an essential plumbing service that helps prevent contaminants from entering the drinking water supply. Nearly every municipality has some form of municipal code, bylaw, or cross-connection control program in place. It’s for your health. And, if you are the owner of a strata, townhouse, dining establishment, duplex, or other multi-unit housing complex, going without regular backflow prevention testing is putting your tenants at risk. We can help.

STRAIGHTLINE PLUMBING & HEATING offers backflow prevention testing services to properties in the Whistler, Pemberton, and Squamish areas. For everyone’s safety, schedule a backflow test today.

So, What is Backflow?

By its name alone, you’ve likely already guessed its meaning. “Backflow” is any kind of contaminated water that — due to water pressure issues — flows from the sewer line and back up into the drinking water (potable water) supply. It’s not only gross to think about, but can lead to illness and serious fines for the property owner.

How Often Should I Schedule Backflow Testing?
For properties with backflow prevention valves, most municipalities require a backflow prevention test performed each year. Skipping backflow tests may put your property at risk of fines and service interruptions.

Call Us for Annual Backflow Prevention Testing
STRAIGHTLINE PLUMBING & HEATING is available to perform backflow prevention testing to Whistler-, Pemberton-, and Squamish-area properties. Call us today to get started.

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