Standard & Tankless Water Heaters for Whistler, Pemberton & Squamish Families

Has it become a guessing game of whether or not there will be hot water for your shower? It may be time to consider having your hot water tank serviced, repaired or replaced. Many instances of low hot water supplies can be resolved by switching out a heating element, or removing sediment from your hot water tank. Our technicians can take a look at your hot water tank’s current age, the health of its components and let you know which route will work best for your comfort needs and budget.

We also sell and install a number of tankless water heaters, which Whistler, Pemberton, and Squamish families have thoroughly enjoyed. These reduce costs by super-heating a fraction of the water that's found in a traditional hot water tank, which means, it will also reduce your energy costs as well. For comfort and economy, it’s a win-win for most homeowners.

STRAIGHTLINE PLUMBING & HEATING installs, services and repairs traditional tank-based and tankless water heaters for residential and commercial customers. For service that’s as reliable as the units we install, call us today!

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